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2015 Northeast Grand Prix

The Bullring in the land of NO SUNDAY RACING!!!! What an incredibly odd and empty feeling weekend at a fantastic facility. I think IMSA is trying to feel out how to keep coming to fan favorite tracks while adding newer and larger venues. I’m not really a fan of these short class weekends where only […]

2015 Six Hours at the Glen

Amazingly, It rained again again again…..Does it ever not rain on race weekend?  Don’t the gods realize I’m on a Vespa? Personal fun and excitement are going to keep me from writing about this weekend right away.  If time permits, I will come back and talk about the rain and the blue guardrails and also, […]

2015 Sports Car Classic

I have never been to this track.  I had seen the IndyCar race on television numerous times but IMSA had not gone here before 2014 and even then, it was a class restricted race and none of my usual clients were going to be there. We were on the west coast and were not ready […]

2015 Monterey Grand Prix

We love coming to Laguna. The people are great, the climate is fantastic, the wine is tip-top, beer excellent…oh yeah, they have a great track here as well. I didn’t go to the Long Beach Grand Prix this year, which sucked for several reasons. We really like going to Long Beach itself (me mainly for […]

2015 Grand Prix of Louisiana

Somehow the Prototype Lites got added onto the IndyCar ticket at NOLA. It was a very strange combination and I am uncertain who convinced whom that NOLA was the proper venue for any legitimate series.  To me, it was more like a club track on steroids. There was only one grandstand and not too many […]

2015 12 Hours of Sebring

Holy Schamole. Connor drove the last 3 hours in his first sports car ride.  Performance Tech took 3rd.  Fantastic! Please follow and like us:


Well, its dark and raining and I am at Sebring in November. Feels strange to be here now. Normally Winter testing would be happening here around the same weekend as the Super Bowl.  My problem is I am barely dry from the rain at Petit Le Mans and now it looks like I get to […]

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