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2015 Road Race Show Case

More rain and then it rained. Also, cheese.  Then it stopped raining and cars went fast. Lost the lead on the last half of the last lap. Drat. I’m swamped and hope to get back here to impress all of you with my witticisms about the race, but for now you can check out my […]

Road Race Showcase 2012 IMSA/ALMS

  I love shooting at Road America. Its a great track with tons of elevation change and killer backdrops. Its also huge and requires some sort of transport to get around. Our scooter (long may it burn alongside the road in some distant place) decided to stop starting. This is a bad habit if you […]

Road Race Show Case at Road America

Just before Mid-Ohio I was hired by IMSA to be the Series Photographer for both the Cooper Prototype Lites and the IMSA GT3 Challenge. I had shot both series off and on the the last few years, but only a few sessions here and there.  Certainly never all sessions and ceremonies.  At Mid Ohio, I […]

The Road Race Showcase at Road America – ALMS

Not the greatest of names, but I do tend to dislike rhymes in titles.  Probably an attitude problem on my part.  Anyway, Road America, a new track for us.  Its big, really big and the elevation changes are frequent and heavy.  A great track to shoot at, so many different angles an opportunities.  As I […]

Road America lights up tomorrow

Kick Ass!  I have never been to this park, so I am quite excited to get out there tomorrow and shoot.  Its always a blast to attack a new track.  I have no idea where or why to shoot tomorrow, I get to spend the entire day thinking outside the box.  Hopefully I won’t come […]

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