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2012 Mid Ohio Sports Car Challenge

All of my images from the 2012 Mid Ohio Sports Car Challenge can be seen HERE Please follow and like us:

Mid Ohydroplaning

Mid Ohio is one of those tracks.  Its a great place to shoot and to race but when we are there, it’s an IndyCar weekend, so we are the warm-up act.  All sorts of unfamiliar and sometimes unfriendly people in the paddock and pits.  New weird rules, old weird rules.  The IndyCars run on Sunday […]

Mid…..connection lost…Mid-O…..16hours 12min 36sec remaining…..Mid-Oh..#@$!@&!

Mid-Ohio, the land of the photographer trailer/media center with no internet connectivity. Are they mad at us? Was it something we said? Why can I not upload any of my files?  The Thursday photo meeting in the trailer was the usual excitement. Well, not really, it was scheduled for under the Goodyear Tower and then […]

Listening to the rain near Mid-O

We are sitting in a campground near Mid Ohio listening to the rain drumming on the roof. Why does it seem to rain everywhere we go this summer? It even rained in the desert when we were in Utah. Whatever, shooting in the rain makes for more dramatic photography. Also, I brought my camera’s rain […]

2009 Honda Indy 200 at Mid Ohio

I have shot open cockpit cars may times.  Most of the P1 and P2 cars in ALMS are open.  Formula BMW and Star Mazda are open. Hell, even the IMSA Lites are open cockpit.  Why was I having trouble keeping the stupid mirror out of the driver’s face?  Its a mystery.  Seriously, it, like everything […]

2009 Acura Sports Car Challenge at Mid Ohio

The drive is about 10 hours from Athens to Lexington.  Eleven if you go through Virginia to avoid 5pm traffic in on 285 in Atlanta.  We were again camping, but this time the RV was in use, so we had to pull out our tent and sleeping bags.  Tent camping with camera gear and other […]

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