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2015 Northeast Grand Prix

The Bullring in the land of NO SUNDAY RACING!!!! What an incredibly odd and empty feeling weekend at a fantastic facility. I think IMSA is trying to feel out how to keep coming to fan favorite tracks while adding newer and larger venues. I’m not really a fan of these short class weekends where only […]

Northeast Grand Prix ALMS 2012

It was a long haul from California to Connecticut; up through Oregon and Washington, then across the top of the States, ducking under Lake Michigan then through Ohio and PA…you get the idea. We had stayed on the Left coast long after Laguna and soaked up the local grape, now we needed to head to […]

Northeast Grand Prix at Lime Rock Park 2011

That was a really long break from Long Beach. You could see indications of slight disorientation everywhere as if we were all still not sure where we were. Then the engines started and it all came flooding back in a rush. Sports Car Racing, yes, I remember it now. Shooting at Lime Rock is, at the same […]

Lime Rock Time!

Proper racing has finally returned to our continent and not a minute too soon.  The break in between Long Beach and Lime Rock seems like it lasted eons.  We were incredibly busy during the Le Mans respite, so it is for certain traveling to the races would have been difficult.  We are just glad the season is […]

Northeast Grand Prix – ALMS – 2010

After the desert heat of Utah, we were looking forward to the cool mountain breezes of Eastern Connecticut and the alpine majesty of Lime Rock Park. Silly us. Friday started out well enough with partly grey skies, but the day kept creeping towards monsoon season. The 1st practice was slightly wet and damp, but afternoon […]

2009 Northeast Grand Prix at Lime Rock Park

We decided to make the drive up to Connecticut and back into a quick Northeastern Tour.  Camping the 1st night partway into Virginia in the Shenandoah National Park and then on the 2nd night in the Catskills at North-South Lake Campground.  Day three found us pulling into Lime Rock Park around 7pm.  The people with […]

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