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2015 Monterey Grand Prix

We love coming to Laguna. The people are great, the climate is fantastic, the wine is tip-top, beer excellent…oh yeah, they have a great track here as well. I didn’t go to the Long Beach Grand Prix this year, which sucked for several reasons. We really like going to Long Beach itself (me mainly for […]

Laguna Seca 2012 IMSA GT3 & Lites Races 1 & 2

Green to Checkers victory. Last minute confusion on the flag stand caused the Sunoco Checkers to be used for Tristan. His lead was so large, they were able to find the correct flag for second place.     All of my images from the 2012 Modspace IMSA weekend at Laguna Seca can be found HERE […]

Laguna Seca 2012 – GT3 & Lites Test Day

Test days can really work in your favor. You are pretty much alone and not too many bits of visual clutter (RVs, canopies, cars, fans) have arrived to mess up your shots.  Those lovely blue and brown port-a-potties are more easily seen, but still, there is less to avoid. You can take your time to […]

Monday after Laguna Seca office view

We had to shoot on Sunday at Laguna, so we stayed at the track until Monday morning.  On Monday we went back towards LA and stopped near Ventura.  We had parked here for lunch on the way up to Laguna on Highway 1, so on the way back, we stopped and camped for the night. […]

ModSpace ALMS Laguna Seca

That was a very long drive across the states. Along with all of the normal fun and excitement of a cross country trip, we got to spend the better part of two days in Mercedes dealerships.  Driving though Denver at 3pm on a Saturday, the resonator on the turbo cracked and needed replaced.  Two days […]

Cooper Lites Bridge Grid Shoot

At Laguna Seca, I was asked to shoot a special shot for the Copper Prototype Lites series.  I had to keep it under my hat (visually anyway) until after the Cooper Banquet at Petit Le Mans. Before the race on Saturday, we rolled the field out to the Cooper Bridge and aligned them, two Mazda […]

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