Monday after Laguna Seca office view

We had to shoot on Sunday at Laguna, so we stayed at the track until Monday morning.  On Monday we went back towards LA and stopped near Ventura.  We had parked here for lunch on the way up to Laguna on Highway 1, so on the way back, we stopped and camped for the night. […]

ModSpace ALMS Laguna Seca

That was a very long drive across the states. Along with all of the normal fun and excitement of a cross country trip, we got to spend the better part of two days in Mercedes dealerships.  Driving though Denver at 3pm on a Saturday, the resonator on the turbo cracked and needed replaced.  Two days […]

Cooper Lites Bridge Grid Shoot

At Laguna Seca, I was asked to shoot a special shot for the Copper Prototype Lites series.  I had to keep it under my hat (visually anyway) until after the Cooper Banquet at Petit Le Mans. Before the race on Saturday, we rolled the field out to the Cooper Bridge and aligned them, two Mazda […]

Baltimore Grand Prix 2011 ALMS

After two races at familiar tracks stretching to learn the nuances of being a series photographer, we headed to the inaugural Baltimore Grand Prix. A street course that we had never seen and where cars had never been driven in anger (well, other than taxis).  Neither Cooper nor GT3 were here; I suppose since IndyCar […]

Road Race Show Case at Road America

Just before Mid-Ohio I was hired by IMSA to be the Series Photographer for both the Cooper Prototype Lites and the IMSA GT3 Challenge. I had shot both series off and on the the last few years, but only a few sessions here and there.  Certainly never all sessions and ceremonies.  At Mid Ohio, I […]

Mid Ohydroplaning

Mid Ohio is one of those tracks.  Its a great place to shoot and to race but when we are there, it’s an IndyCar weekend, so we are the warm-up act.  All sorts of unfamiliar and sometimes unfriendly people in the paddock and pits.  New weird rules, old weird rules.  The IndyCars run on Sunday […]

Mosport, eh?

What’s up with Canada?  We love the people, the climate, the attitude.  Poutine and Peameal are right in our wheelhouse.  Why does Canada keep kicking our asses?  Last year wasn’t completely bad, we were only slightly detained and questioned in the border crossing.  Later, while hunting for propane in Oshawa, we were introduced to a […]

Northeast Grand Prix at Lime Rock Park 2011

That was a really long break from Long Beach. You could see indications of slight disorientation everywhere as if we were all still not sure where we were. Then the engines started and it all came flooding back in a rush. Sports Car Racing, yes, I remember it now. Shooting at Lime Rock is, at the same […]

Lime Rock Time!

Proper racing has finally returned to our continent and not a minute too soon.  The break in between Long Beach and Lime Rock seems like it lasted eons.  We were incredibly busy during the Le Mans respite, so it is for certain traveling to the races would have been difficult.  We are just glad the season is […]

Long Beach Grand Prix ALMS Friday Practice Highlights

I keep wanting to call it morning practice since it started at 7:15 AM, but out here at the Beach, its the ONLY practice.  Two hours to set-up the car while learning the track.  Then a few hours break and back for qualifications.  Not much time for anyone.  The Indy Cars are the show out […]

ALMS TV Broadcast Package v2

I am writing this while watching the FIA GT1 race at Abu Dhabi streamed from the GT1 website.  I’m not watching it on my laptop, I’m watching it on our oldish (2001) 55″ HDTV.  The quality is not as good as the SpeedTV livestream of F1 practice, but it is quite watchable.  Tomorrow, we will […]

The Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring 2011

Well, one race into the new season and I am already behind on blog posting. I suppose since I was on the ball for the Rolex24, Winter Testing and Amelia Concours, I can cut myself a bit of slack this time. We were in Florida a week before shooting the Concours at Amelia Island and […]

Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance 2011

The Concours this year was huge. The cars were on the other side of the lake and the amount of people wandering around was immense. I did miss the Etceterini category though, must be the Geddy Lee fan in me. Last year we arrived too early and we stood around in the dark being cold and […]

IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge Winter Testing

Prior to ALMS winter testing at Sebring, the GT3 Challenge cars run for two days. They share track time with the Cooper Prototype Lights, with each series alternating hour time slots. This year there were twenty-three GT3s on the entry list and at times it seemed like they were all on the track at once. […]

Best Vintage Car Racing Photo of 2010 Contest

If you want to go straight to the voting and be done with it, you just need to follow THIS LINK or click the Lotus to the left and make a comment about how amazingly great you think the image by Darren Pierson of Bob Leitzinger in his Lotus Elan is.  Its the fourth one […]

Featured Photographer on PhotoShelter

I received an email this morning that PhotoShelter has selected one of my photographs to be included in their Featured Photographer slideshow.  One of my favorites, it is an image of Andy Wallace just before night practice at the 2010 Mobil1 12 Hours of Sebring. This means my image, and therefore a link to my […]

NASA-SE Santa’s Toy Run Enduro 2010

When its still in the dark of the AM, its quite cold out and I am driving to Road Atlanta, it must be time for Santa’s Toy Run.  The weekend starts off with an 8 Hour enduro on Friday morning.  Last year, the were not as many participants, so I was very pleased to see […]

SVRA 2010 Season Finale at Road Atlanta

I usually enjoy shooting Historic Races.  For some reason, I was having trouble getting into the groove.  N ot sure why, the day was warm and sunny, there were a good amount of fans, not to many photographers crowding into one area, fairly optimal.  Maybe it was the low car count.  Maybe I was burnt […]

Petit Le Mans 2010 – Not so Petit this year

Road Atlanta is our home track, we live all of 40 miles from it.  Consequently, I spend quite a bit of time shooting there.  I take this as a challenge though and try to perfect the staples such as Sunset in the Esses all the while looking for new angles and shots.  Petit is somewhat […]

The Road Race Showcase at Road America – ALMS

Not the greatest of names, but I do tend to dislike rhymes in titles.  Probably an attitude problem on my part.  Anyway, Road America, a new track for us.  Its big, really big and the elevation changes are frequent and heavy.  A great track to shoot at, so many different angles an opportunities.  As I […]

Road America lights up tomorrow

Kick Ass!  I have never been to this park, so I am quite excited to get out there tomorrow and shoot.  Its always a blast to attack a new track.  I have no idea where or why to shoot tomorrow, I get to spend the entire day thinking outside the box.  Hopefully I won’t come […]

Mid…..connection lost…Mid-O…..16hours 12min 36sec remaining…..Mid-Oh..#@$!@&!

Mid-Ohio, the land of the photographer trailer/media center with no internet connectivity. Are they mad at us? Was it something we said? Why can I not upload any of my files?  The Thursday photo meeting in the trailer was the usual excitement. Well, not really, it was scheduled for under the Goodyear Tower and then […]

Listening to the rain near Mid-O

We are sitting in a campground near Mid Ohio listening to the rain drumming on the roof. Why does it seem to rain everywhere we go this summer? It even rained in the desert when we were in Utah. Whatever, shooting in the rain makes for more dramatic photography. Also, I brought my camera’s rain […]

Northeast Grand Prix – ALMS – 2010

After the desert heat of Utah, we were looking forward to the cool mountain breezes of Eastern Connecticut and the alpine majesty of Lime Rock Park. Silly us. Friday started out well enough with partly grey skies, but the day kept creeping towards monsoon season. The 1st practice was slightly wet and damp, but afternoon […]

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