Petit Le Mans

2015 Petit Le Mans

Petit Le Mans is a 10 hour race. At 10 hours is the third longest race of the Tudor United SportsCar Championship. The week starts earlier than any other.  Some teams run testing on the Sunday prior to the race week. We are usually parked in the registration lot on Monday night as Lites testing […]

2011 Year in the Pits Slideshow Review

I pulled some of my favorite shots from my work in the pits during the 2011 sports car season.  Some I chose because of the action or the expression, other are simply visually appealing to me. I hope you like them as well.  Enjoy. -Darren 2011 Year In The Pits – Images by Darren Pierson […]

Petit Le Mans Week 2011

The ILMC/WEC races are starting to have an IndyCar weekend feel to them. The faster cars show up and bring a self-important, aren’t you glad we are here, now go away we are busy vibe. I like the fact that there are so many international entrants, but somehow the Audi vs. Peugeot thing seems to […]

New catch fence at Road Atlanta

Turn one is suddenly sporting a catch fence. I am not surprised as shooting in T1 at ground level is quite dangerous.  There isn’t much decent room on the riser though. Should be a few angry photographers come Saturday morning. Please follow and like us:

Petit Le Mans 2010 – Not so Petit this year

Road Atlanta is our home track, we live all of 40 miles from it.  Consequently, I spend quite a bit of time shooting there.  I take this as a challenge though and try to perfect the staples such as Sunset in the Esses all the while looking for new angles and shots.  Petit is somewhat […]

The Most Petit Le Mans Of Them All (partie trois)

Saturday September 26, 2009 5:30AM EST-Race Day-Pounding rain on the roof of the RV.  I jumped out of bed and went outside to gather up our chairs and tables and make sure everything was under the awning and dry.  Back into bed, I contemplated my slightly damp state and wondered if I could get any […]

The Most Petit Le Mans Of Them All (partie deux)

Friday morning was another beautiful fall day in Georgia.  On tap was morning practice, the driver autograph session and in the afternoon, qualifying.  Personally, I’m not a collector of signatures.  I do have a few that I have kept: Jim Leyland, Ross Brawn, James Weaver, Efren Reyes.  I even have a poster from Laguna Seca […]

The Most Petit Le Mans Of Them All (partie une)

Nonstop rain for what seemed like 2 weeks.  Atlanta flooded.  Then the sun came back, it was Wednesday September 23rd; time to head up to Braselton for Petit Le Mans. When we arrived at the track, we had the usual document dance to attend: credentials, golf car, get the RV into the track, pick up […]

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