2016 12 Hours at Sebring

Yes, it is a 12 hour race; that is true. But for most of us, race day is more like a 20 hour race or more preceeded by a week’s worth of very long days. My Saturday started out at 5AM when the alarm went off and I fell asleep on the couch pretty much […]

2016 Sebring 12 Hours Grid Group Day

Tomorrow is the first day the WeatherTech SportsCar Championship cars will take to the track. Well, actually, that’s not entirely correct. At the close of the day, there were a few cars out on the back straight for a group shout of the entire field. It’s late, so I’m going to spare you and not […]

Second Session Winter Testing

I didn’t spend too much time out on the track today, when I went out this afternoon, the light was too short and I wasn’t feeling it.  I shot a few near the crossover bridge for the Green Park and then went back to the pits to finish up. It looks like many of the […]

2016 WeatherTech Winter Testing at Sebring

Day one for the big guns has started out bright, sunny, cold and loud. Nearly everyone went out on to track right away and most have been pounding around since 8AM. A Michelin rep just walked up to me and said that Scott Dixon is not only in the Ganassi #67 as I type, but […]

2016 Mazda Prototype Winter Testing Day Two

Good Morning! While it did rain overnight and the skies were a flat grey at the 8AM start time, the track was basically dry and there wasn’t any more rain forecast until after the session. When I say mostly dry, there was some water in both T1 and T17, a few of the early risers […]

2016 Sebring Winter Testing Mazda Prototypes

Hiya!  It’s sorta sunning now, in fact a rainbow just appeared, but the day has had its share of rain and clouds. Not an entirely optimal day for testing. The Mazda Prototypes ran twice and I pulled a few of my likes from the day’s shooting.  They are below for your perusal and input. More […]

Upcoming: IMSA Winter Testing at Sebring

Next week, the IMSA circus travels back to central Florida and Sebring for the first sanctioned testing there since 2014 and the merger. Normally, winter testing at Sebring was in mid November. When ALMS and GrandAM merged, we had ALMS testing at Sebring in November. Then a few days later, everyone went up to Daytona for […]

2016 Rolex 24 at Daytona

It’s fitting that the WeatherTech SportsCar Championship starts out with the two longest races on its calendar, the Rolex 24 at Daytona and the 12 Hours of Sebring. If you can make it through those two weeks, you might just survive working the rest of the season. For us, the race doesn’t start on Saturday, […]

2016 Roar Before The 24

Blogging is hard.  Between shooting, editing and sending files to clients, keeping up with social networking updates, chasing new work…….A week after the event and you sit down to try to write about what happened. You sit there and wonder, what happened that was different or interesting? Did I try anything new? Did I figure anything […]

2015 Petit Le Mans

Petit Le Mans is a 10 hour race. At 10 hours is the third longest race of the Tudor United SportsCar Championship. The week starts earlier than any other.  Some teams run testing on the Sunday prior to the race week. We are usually parked in the registration lot on Monday night as Lites testing […]

2015 Lone Star Le Mans

COTA is a fun track to shoot. It’s huge and has oodles of terrain changes. It’s a relatively new track to me, I suppose to everybody since it has only been open since 2012, so I have not yet fallen into the trap of shooting the same shots over and over each year.  For those […]

2015 VIR Prototype Lites

How can you dislike a track that has a well appointed Tavern onsite? VIR is in the middle of nowhere, but it’s still a beautiful place to shoot. In not too keen on the Biscuitville nonsense nonsense for this year.  The GT cars were our at VIR the week prior and somehow the Prototype Lites ended […]

2015 Road Race Show Case

More rain and then it rained. Also, cheese.  Then it stopped raining and cars went fast. Lost the lead on the last half of the last lap. Drat. I’m swamped and hope to get back here to impress all of you with my witticisms about the race, but for now you can check out my […]

2015 Northeast Grand Prix

The Bullring in the land of NO SUNDAY RACING!!!! What an incredibly odd and empty feeling weekend at a fantastic facility. I think IMSA is trying to feel out how to keep coming to fan favorite tracks while adding newer and larger venues. I’m not really a fan of these short class weekends where only […]

2015 Mobil 1 SportsCar Grand Prix

Oh Canada! The people at this race continue to restore my faith in humanity.  Also, the track improvements are solid except WHY is the media center on the outside of the track near nothing? I get that you didn’t want to build two new buildings (no I don’t) but the media center needs to be […]

2015 Six Hours at the Glen

Amazingly, It rained again again again…..Does it ever not rain on race weekend?  Don’t the gods realize I’m on a Vespa? Personal fun and excitement are going to keep me from writing about this weekend right away.  If time permits, I will come back and talk about the rain and the blue guardrails and also, […]

2015 Monterey Grand Prix

We love coming to Laguna. The people are great, the climate is fantastic, the wine is tip-top, beer excellent…oh yeah, they have a great track here as well. I didn’t go to the Long Beach Grand Prix this year, which sucked for several reasons. We really like going to Long Beach itself (me mainly for […]

2015 Grand Prix of Louisiana

Somehow the Prototype Lites got added onto the IndyCar ticket at NOLA. It was a very strange combination and I am uncertain who convinced whom that NOLA was the proper venue for any legitimate series.  To me, it was more like a club track on steroids. There was only one grandstand and not too many […]

2015 12 Hours of Sebring

Holy Schamole. Connor drove the last 3 hours in his first sports car ride.  Performance Tech took 3rd.  Fantastic! Please follow and like us:

2015 Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona

Why is it so hard to type a few words detailing what went on?  I can talk all day about it, but actually type something? Please follow and like us:

2015 Roar Before The 24

We used to travel to the Rolex 24 each year as a tune up for the start of the ALMS season. Since ALMS testing was conducted at Sebring, we never had the need to shoot the Roar. I would see posts on FaceBook and Twitter from colleagues who were there for GrandAM and wonder what […]

Long Beach Grand Prix

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12 Hours of Sebring

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Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona 2014

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